SWIP Germany is a charitable organisation for women in German-speaking academic philosophical contexts formed in 2012. Its purpose is to advance the equal treatment of women and gender parity in philosophy, both of students and professionals, who are active within and outside German-speaking academic departments.

The purpose of SWIP Germany will be achieved by working towards the following aims:

  • fostering and facilitating co-operation between women in philosophy
  • supporting women in philosophy
  • promoting philosophy done by women, past and present
  • fostering feminism in philosophy
  • collecting information of interest to women in philosophy
  • raising awareness of discrimination against women in philosophy
  • ending discrimination against women in philosophy

SWIP Germany seeks to achieve these aims:

  • by organising conferences and workshops
  • by facilitating mentoring and support programs
  • via co-operation with other national and international professional organisations
  • by compiling relevant and important information about women in philosophy
  • Lobbying